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Fort Myers/FL – The Consulting M&A Business Development LLC. Expert Group is proud to announce a new member of our consortium, Dr. Jim Bolton.

Jim will coordinate and manage the UV lamp certification testing as well as supervising our new offer to lamp manufacturers to certify their selected UVC lamp designs and verify UVC ratings and efficiency via a 3rd party witness validation system based on the IUVA protocol (see IUVA News 19(1): 9-16 or

Dr. Bolton is a well-known and trusted institution in the UVC system and UV lamp world. We welcome Jim to our team and look forward to working with the UV lamp manufacturers to find the best way of upgrading their products with an assured 3rd party witness neutral test certificate.

  • Karl Platzer Owner UV Lamp Consulting M&A Business Development LLC.

    Project Planning & Consulting

    Markets For UVA/UVB/UVC, Application & Business Development, Planning  & Cost

Reference: IUVA (2017): Lawal, O; Dussert, B; Howarth, C; Platzer, K; Sasges, M; Muller, J; Whitby, E; Stowe, R; Adam, V; Witham, D; Engel, S; Posy, P; van der Pol, A; Bolton, J; Santelli, M. 2017, Method for the Measurement of the Output of Monochromatic (254 nm) Low-Pressure UV Lamps, IUVA News, 19(1): 9-16.

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