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As we know, the UV industry is quite small, and everyone seems to know everyone.


Three weeks ago, my old friend Tom Ciurczak from Los Angeles asked me if our UV Consulting team would like to be a guest in a Podcast about UVC lamps for the general lighting industry. The main reason behind this was to bring clarity into the multitude of misleading information about UVC and Covid19.

Sure, why not record a Podcast together with Fred van Lierop – our renowned UVC lamp scientist in the team!

Tom connected us to Greg Ehrich from Premier Lighting and Michael Colligan from Atlas Lighting in Canada.

In the podcast, Fred and I explained some of the basics about the UVC business and our point of view on the current situation. In the last weeks, our industry has received an enormous number of requests in regards of UVC lamps, customized or specialty lighting fixtures and UV disinfection. The market is totally changing at this moment and we can see a huge potential in the manufacturing of UVC air and surface equipment units. In this episode, we also spoke a lot about using UVC for air or surface disinfection, but not as a retrofit in general lighting fixtures.

Just check it out and have fun listening or watching the
Get A Grip On Lighting-Podcast #131: UV Disinfection – What You Need to Know Right Now




Thanks to Scott Wachter from Get a Grip Studios as well as Fred, Greg and Michael, who made this Podcast experience super professional. This was fun!


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