“We are the neutral interface between your OEM UV system planning & engineering team (The Idea) and your current manufacturing or future suppliers”

Just make your mind up what you would like to sell and achieve -…sanitizing, sterilizing or disinfection “it is not the same!"

Disinfection and sterilization are both decontamination processes. While disinfection is the process of eliminating or reducing harmful microorganisms from inanimate objects and surfaces, sterilization is the process of killing all microorganisms.”

„Sanitizing is meant to reduce, not kill, the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Disinfecting a surface will “kill” the microscopic organisms as claimed on the label of a particular product.

  • In the UVC OEM business every day new ideas of a new UVC (or UVA+UVB medical field) applications are created
  • The idea first, the application and customer end-user benefit in mind, a new application unit needs to be designed.
  • We are a group of neutral consulting experts covering the whole variety of UVC applications, from air to water to special advanced oxidation treatments and more , with traditional technologies and also new LED technologies.
  • The experienced expert team is offering consultancy from the OEM unit itself, to ballast-lamp driver usage and defining quality system parameters, to project management and finding best solution how to go to market – with an additional financial pros and cons evaluation, this can be the best way of an independent consultancy before big binding financial decisions will be made.
  • Our consultancy is performed virtually via Skype, GoToMeeting or other internet tools, as well as on-site support at your preferred location.
  • Our team can support our global OEM customers, as we are based in different locations in the world, from Switzerland, to Germany, USA and Canada.
  • Highest private confidentiality is guaranteed
Why we are doing it?
Why we are doing it?
The life span gives a lot of ways of happiness and although some of us no longer have a full time working career in a successful UV company we still have a high level of passion for the technology. The gathered experience is ready to be shared with you for some OEM successful projects or analysis going to market we can provide for you on a very high level of expertise proven knowledge.

What does this mean?

UV Lamp Consulting Expert Team
  • To explore pros and cons, potential business plans and markets
  • UV Systems (UVC) drinking water, waste water, special application in air, surface and water
  • UV lamp science Technology towards point of use and application, (UVA-UVB-UVC)
  • UV lamp-ballast-application (UVA-UVB-UVC)
  • UVA-UVB Medical applications
  • Quality Management, ISO newest standards, process and workflow, BOM definition and validation of systems as well as country regional certification processes
M&A experts and support service
  • Initial confidential approach
  • Due diligence layout in terms of a production and marketing company
  • Financing or support via capital venture companies
  • Full legal and financial auditing advice and support

Who we are?

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced UV Lamp Experts in the UV industry. Our main  areas of expertise lie in UV business applications, lamp manufacturing as well as effective marketing and commercialization of UV related products.

The new UV technology field of LEDs gives us the bridge of experience in so called traditional to newest technologies, used in systems and the UV sources by itself.

Each team member brings a wealth of experience, very specialized knowledge and an average of 20 years industry experience:

  • Working in well known companies making UV systems, UV lamps and parts of all kinds
  • Leading teams for introducing new products
  • QC, R&D and Project management at high level with customers and the internal teams
  • Marketing and sales in different countries and fields of point of use
  • Karl Platzer Owner UV Lamp Consulting M&A Business Development LLC.

    Project Planning & Consulting

    Markets For UVA/UVB/UVC, Application & Business Development, Planning  & Cost

  • Fred van Lierop Partner,
    UV Lamp Scientist

    Technology Consulting

    UV Lamp Science Technology
    Traditional Design
    UVA/UVB/UVC In Water & Air

  • External Partner Industry well known Partner,
    UV & LED Systems

    Product Design Consulting

    UV & LED Systems
    Water, Air & Surface system design details

  • Michael Santelli Partner, UV Lamp QC & Project Management Engineering Specialist

    Integral Technical and Quality Principles
    from Concept to Certification

    UV Quality “Designed-In”
    & Project Management

  • Dr. Peter Schwarz-Kiene Partner,
    Ballast Electrical Engineering

    Technology Consulting

    Excimer lamp Technology
    UV Lamp-driver
    Ballast Design

  • Jürgen Zechner Partner,
    UV & LED System Validation

    UV Lamp Testing, Material Testing Consulting

    Product Compliance Management and Consulting

What we do

The combined knowledge of expertise throughout the years of working in the UV industries, we now offer our knowledge on a neutral way of proven expert knowledge to companies seeking consultancy before spending internal money and binding internal resources.

This creates a new decision base in the UV business of:

  • How system should be established in design towards UV effectiveness / customer benefit.
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Helping on what supplier or source for parts can be recommended and why
  • Layout a project plan with BOM, QC and validation processes needed
  • Create a “go to market strategy together with the customer team and internal experts”

Our Portfolio

Section A - UV market & application knowledge
  1. Overall UV system knowledge, traditional discharge technologies, excimer lamps and LEDs
  2. Wastewater and drinking water systems, other unique applications
  3. UV AOP knowledge
  4. Air & water & special application, projects evaluation
  5. Global technical regulatory and legislation
  6. Product- and material compliance rules, testing and certification
  7. Gas discharge principles (medium and low-pressure UV lamp technology)
  8. UV LEDs players worldwide.
  9. UV LEDs advisor pros/cons and future
Section B - UV Lamp & System Design
  1. Benchmarking of UV lamps, ballasts, and UV systems
  2. Evaluation of electrical section of UV systems
  3. Design and Evaluation for ballasts in LP UV systems
  4. Analysis of ballasts’ impact on LP UV lamp operation
  5. UV-system design, performance calculation and optimization
Section C - UV Production Management
  1. Quality Management Systems training, implementation, improvement, and audit
  2. QC Lab compliance, testing, metrology
  3. Process control and lean manufacturing
  4. Material and supplier expertise knowledge, Supply Chain Management
  5. Supplier evaluation of UV lamps, ballast, UV radiometers and other significant UV system parts
  6. Lamp production process improvement
  7. Lamp production cost reduction
  8. Trouble shooting and lamp failure analysis
Section D - Compliance
  1. Compliance with industry, regulatory and customer statues
  2. Facilitating UL/CSA/CE/FCC/EAC certification.
  3. Design of test procedures and equipment for internal and third-party testing
  4. UV Lamp testing based on the IUVA, ÖNORM and DIN protocol for LP lamps and UV radiometers
  5. Advice on ÖNORM, DIN, NSF and UVDGM/NWRI system validation and certification
  6. Third Party witness supervision of lamp testing, validation, and certification process

Consulting Setup

The combined knowledge of expertise throughout the years of working in the UV industries, we now offer our knowledge on a neutral way of proven expert knowledge to companies seeking consultancy before spending internal money and binding internal resources.

Core Benefits

OEM Manufacturer:

  1. High level owner/management ideas first
  2. First evaluate scenarios of possibilities, options and ways how to accomplish the idea of a new system or business going to market
  3. Don’t bind internal expensive resources taking them away from daily business
  4. Have an individual experienced expert you can involve.
  5. Evaluate pros & cons with us:
    a)Discuss ways and scenarios how to go forward with “your neutral expert team”
  6. Analyze available budgets and investments.
  7. Agree on:
    a) Hand over a project planning to the internal team
    b) Accompany the project until the internal OEM team feels safe
    c) Or handle the whole new OEM project until go to market


  • The advertisement of our previous work and references is shown in the many years of work we have done in the field of UV in companies, such as:
  • Philips UV Special Lighting, Lighttech Kft. and Light Sources Inc., Aquionics Inc., Wedeco/Xylem Inc. and AquiSense Technologies, Fischer and Porter (ABB), Suntec Environmental Calgon Carbon, JW-Holding-Narva/Cosmedico and BLV/Ushio.
  • Strong connections to global industry organizations and certification bodies that set policy, standards and strategy. For example; International Ultraviolet Association (IVA), NSF, WQA, DVGW, etc.
  • I am sure you have heard about some of our expert team members during your UV business carrier or even individually worked with us ????
  • Please have a look at our individual CV’s