Karl PlatzerOwner UV Lamp Consulting M&A Business Development LLC.


    JW-Holding GmbH (group revenue €85 million) January 2015 to February 2017

    • Managing Director. New business UVC lamps, new business Grow Green
      lamps, UVA-UVB lamps core business,
    • high pressure – medium pressure lamps, low pressure lamps. Strategic
      sales development / new business development

    Light Sources, Inc. –
    Lighttech Kft. (group revenue $98 million)
    Apr. 2002 – Dec. 2014

    • Managing Director and Executive Vice President; Light Sources Inc. and Lighttech Kft. (up to 900 employees)
    • Strategic sales development / new business development of special UVA/UVB/UVC, Germicidal Amalgam lamps / acquisition projects

    Cosmedico Licht GmbH, Cosmedico-Wolff System Gruppe (group revenue
    €90 million) Jan. 1998 – March 2002

    • VP/Direktor Marketing & Sales; Prokurist, Member of the Board of Directors (150 employees), UVA-UVB business field

    Dauphin Office Interiors, Holding (group revenue DEM 160 Million)
    Sep. 1996 – Dec. 1997

    • Managing Director Marketing & Sales of the Bürositzmöbelfabrik Offenhausen, Speaker of the management board (300 employees),
    • worldwide business field, office chairs & furniture’s, manufacturing and sales

    GE-Lighting Europe, Lindner Licht GmbH, GE Lighting Germany Sep. 1994 – Sep. 1996

    • Managing Director GE Lighting Germany; Part of GEL Europe / Member of the President GE Lighting CEO Staff
    • Takeover after company acquisition revenue DEM 22 Million, integrating into the GE-Lighting Europe organization.

    BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik,
    Steinhöring, Germany (revenue
    DEM 60 Million); 1977 – 1994

    • 250 employees manufacturing and sales of halogen-, metal halide-, reprographic-, tanning- and IR-lamps (plus sourced products); ownership changed in 1983 to VENTURE LIGHTING INT (USA) and in 1990 to USHIO COMPANY (Japan)
    • Vice President Marketing & Sales, General Management (senior staff) 1991 – 1994, previous positions in R&D, manufacturing and QC.


    future uv trends

    In the UVC market, trends and statements: Trends in air:

    • Air purification is going towards more in the medical field for hospital
      and medical care centers
    • Air purification for food storage is more and more common at bigger
      food supply chains
    • Air purification in HVACs still not where we have to be in terms of
      pushing UV business forward

    Trends in waste water:

    • Due to increasing population, higher water flow, larger waste water sizing is needed.
    • Old medium sized systems to be renewed, but funding is often
      challenging due to comparison “non UV to UV equipment”.
    • Larger new systems are using uv sources up to 2 meter and longer in
      size and diameter is a clear trend to T12 38mm quartz amalgam lamps.
    • advanced oxidation is more and more a challenge, due to new substances and bacteria in the water out of pharma industry, hospitals and privately using more and more pharma substitutes, where normal 254nm UV will not be effective.
    • The seasonal use of waste water purification systems in different countries and regions is a challenge for the real year-round purification effect.

    Trends drinking water:

    • Point of use UV systems rapidly increasing, for homes, boats and mobile homes.
    • UVC LEDs is a must to investigate before making a decision!
    • System validation is an important point to consider and evaluate

    In the UVA/UVB market, trends and statements:

    • In the tanning industry the worldwide restrictions and regulations,
      drives the UV lamp sources towards a new area of performance.
    • Vitamin D is not yet accepted worldwide as an effect to be proven
      by the authorities, but industry new models of mixed spectra’s in
      the lamp technology, including LEDs, can help improving this aspect
    • Low pressure lamp technologies, versus medium pressure or high pressure versus LED is a must to phase!

    UVB (partly UVA and red light) trends and statements:

    • The medical field of skin treatment is worldwide increasing
    • Only few companies try to be successful in this field
    • The beauty and health treatments are accepted only in specific countries and regions due to regulations.
    • Due to part body treatments, smaller UV and red light lamp sources will be required, LEDs will come as a phase-in option more and more.

    Planning and cost versus application life cycle:

    • Ask for our long-term cost planning, versus traditional lamp sources towards LED, versus long-term life cycle in the market for long-term profitability cash cow.
    Fred van Lierop