Dr. Peter Schwarz-KienePartner,
Ballast Electrical Engineering

    Technology Consulting

    Excimer lamp Technology
    UV Lamp-driver
    Ballast Design

    Personal Profile

    Peter has 30 years of experience in the UV industry. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering and has strong scientific as well as hands-on experience in the fields of UV lamp technologies, power electronics and UV applications. His competence ranges from R&D to manufacturing, with strong focus on product and quality management. In addition to his technical competence, he holds 10 years of experience in corporate management.

    Skill Profile

    Technological competence:

    • Medium pressure lamp technology (up to 105 kW)
    • Inductive lamp technologies (up to 4kW)
    • Excimer lamp technologies (up to 3 kW)
    • LED lamp technologies (up to 18 kW)
    • Electronic ballast techn. (low pressure, Medium pressure, Excimer, Inductive, LED
    • UV sensor technologies
    • Electric Cabinets (cooling, safety…)
    • Lamp Systems curing (air and water cooled)
    • Lamp systems sleeve based

    Personal skills:

    • Development and implementation of corporate strategies
    • Technical sales
    • International CRM
    • Developing and implementation of global sales strategies
    • Implementing & controlling international representatives and distributors
    • Product management / product strategy
    • Product development process (complete lifecycle)
    • Project management (especially development processes)
    • Supply chain management (cost analyses, quality performance…)
    • Total quality processes
    • Failure mode and effect analyses
    • Service process development

    Professional Career

    11/2020 – today

    Exiteck GmbH

    founder & managing director

      • Development of UV excimer lamps
      • Development of excimer lamp driver & control technologies
      • System development in Air-treatment and Air-disinfection
      • Development of UV lamp systems for surface modification and curing

    05/2020 – today

    Consulting & Engineering Services

    Consulting projects in the field of:

      • Company strategy
      • R&D project UV Air disinfection
      • Lamp manufacturing optimization
      • UV lamp technologies

    01/2009 – 04/2019

    eta plus electronic GmbH
    Development and manufacturing of UV lamps, lamp power supplies and controllers
    Sales approx. 20 m€, 110 employees


      • Sole responsibility
      • Field of activity: finance, company strategy, product management, technical sales and product development
      • Head of sales (until 2013)
      • CRM with international key accounts
      • Preparation of budget, reporting to share holder
        Key Achievements:
      • Global market development UV disinfection with final share of sales >50%
      • Company development from intercompany manufacturer to globally successful key component supplier
      • Highly innovative, with good profitability and superior growth in sales
      • Technology leader for medium pressure lamp technologies
      • Market leader for electronic lamp power supplies

    05/2016 – today

    Volksbank Kirchheim-Nürtingen eG
    Cooperative bank, total assets appr. 2.1 bn€, approx. 330 employees

    Member of Supervisor Board

    07/2003 – 12/2008

    eta plus electronic GmbH
    Sales approx. 5,5 m€

    Technical Director

      • Direct reporting to CEO and share holders
      • Responsibility for approx. 35 staff members
      • Responsible for R&D and operations
      • Global technical sales
        Key achievements:
      • Implementation of highly flexible and cost-efficient lamp production
      • Global quality leader medium pressure lamps
      • Successful development and rollout of 2nd gen. electronic lamp power supplies series

    11/2000 – 06/2003

    eta plus electronic GmbH
    Sales approx. 3 m€

    Director Electronics

      • Reporting to CEO
      • Responsibility for approx. 10 staff members
      • Head of electronics department (manufacturing, product management, R&D)
      • Technical intercompany support
        Key achievements
      • Development and rollout of new electronic lamp power supplies up to 22kW

    01/1995 – 10/2000

    Lighting Technology Institute, University of Karlsruhe (now KIT)
    Research on optical technologies

    Scientific Officer

      • Responsibility for students and graduate assistants
      • Research and development, automotive, semiconductor and lighting industry projects (Bosch, Daimler Chrysler, Heraeus Noblelight, ST Microelectronics, Tridonik, Vossloh Schwabe, eta plus, etc.)
        Key achievements:
      • Development and validation of highly innovative electronic lamp power supply solutions

    03/1990 – 03/1994

    Lighting Technology Institute, University of Karlsruhe (now KIT)
    Research on optical technologies

    Scientific Assistant

      • Research and development, lighting industry projects
      • Project management
    Michael SantelliWalter Blumenthal