Fred van LieropPartner,
UV Lamp Scientist


    April 2011 – present: owner at F&Consulting.

    • Technical consulting and support in (special-) lighting applications and systems.
    • Management support and training of staff.
    • Production process improvement through implementation of lean principles.
    • Supplier validation and improvement for cost efficiency.

    June 2004 – December 2010: UV lamp development manager and application specialist at Philips Special Lighting, Turnhout, Belgium.

    • UV lamp development management (medium pressure UVC, UVB and UVA, medium pressure sun tanning lamps, low pressure amalgam lamps and Excimer lamps).
    • Process development, product transfer and training of operating and engineering staff..
    • Application specialist and customer support.
    • Restructure the development team from 18 to 1 persons

    June 1999 – May 2004: Lamp development manager Philips & Yaming, Shanghai, China.

    • High Intensity Discharge lamp development manager.
    • Grow the team from 6 to 29 engineers.
    • Regional product and process responsibility, liaise with global R&D centers within Philips.
    • Regional customer and application support for HID lamps and systems.

    January 1996 – May 1999: Lamp development team leader at Philips HID, Bath, New York.

    • Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide product and process development. Team leader of 7 people.
    • Marketing and customer support.
    • Linkin pin with European development organization.

    1990 – December 1995: Lamp development engineer at Philips Central Development Lighting, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

    • Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide product and process development.
    • Process improvement and quality improvement to prepare for mass production.


    personal profile

    • Very strong cross-cultural experience
    • Broad international experience: working and living in Europe, the USA and China
    • Working for customers and with suppliers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Korea, China, Russia and others.
    • Experience managing complex projects in a strong growth environment.
    • Familiar with process transfer (change of production location, or moving from make to buy).
    • Good overall business experience with focus on time-to-market and cost effectiveness.
    • Hands-on experience with current lamp technologies (soft-glass, quartz, low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, mercury containing and mercury-free).
    Karl PlatzerMichael Santelli