Michael SantelliPartner, UV Lamp QC & Project Management Engineering Specialist


    May 2015 – present: Global Quality Director at MacDermid Enthone Advanced Electronics Solutions – West Haven, CT.

    • Quality, Engineering and R&D Senior Leader.
    • Certified Quality Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Process and Analysis Optimization through implementation of lean principles, six sigma methodology and value-added approach.
    • Internal and External RCCA leadership
    • Supply Chain Management and Development
    • Customer and application support for semiconductor product industry

    May 1999 – May 2015: Director of Quality, Engineering and R&D at Light Sources, Lighttech and LCD Lighting.  Orange, CT.

    • Managed Lamp Testing and Certification, as well as UV source manufacturing of low pressure tanning, low pressure germicidal and low pressure amalgam lamps.
    • System, process and product certification to local and global regulations and standards
    • Led global manufacturing and quality teams
    • Collaboration with industry peers on special projects and technical papers

    May 1998 – April 1999: Quality Engineering Manager at Joining Technologies, LLC – East Granby, CT

    • High-precision, specialty weld organization for Aerospace Industry
    • Implemented formal QMS and Process Control Systems.
    • Launched Six Sigma & lean manufacturing.

    September 1995 – April 1998: Quality Manager at Light Sources, Inc – Orange CT.

    • Formalize QMS to set the stage for ISO9001 Certification
    • Internal process control establishment
    • Focus on testing of low-pressure tanning lamps

    June 1989 – September 1995:  Quality Manager at Dur0-Test Corporation v0 Clifton, NJ.


    personal profile

    Cross-functional Expertise

    • Global leadership experience, managing teams in the USA, Europe and most recently, Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan)
    • Front facing customer experience, collaborating with the market leaders in the Aerospace, UV and Semiconductor Industry segments.
    • Emphasis on five core principles for customer project success:
      • Customer Focus and Communications
      • Complete Team Involvement
      • Process Centered Environment
      • Systems Integration
      • Using Facts to Make Decisions and Improve
    • Solutions provider for complex problems and processes.
    • Combination of technical and commercial expertise – Successful technical projects must be a commercial success.
    • Team-builder with a focus on independent empowerment of cross-functional teams
    • Hands-on experience with current lamp technologies (soft-glass, quartz, low pressure).
    • Hands –on experience in uv lamp measurement  techniques and practices

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