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Our UV expert team members at the Aquatech show in Amsterdam Nov. 5th to 7th – Karl Platzer, Oliver Lawal and Fred van Lierop – will be happy to meet you.
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It’s our third year of working in this niche market between manufacturers of UV systems and UV lamp manufacturers.

UV LEDs are more and more our focus due to a very strong market adaption.

New UVC technologies sources are part of our daily business as we are continually approached for 3rd party opinion and evaluation work.

It’s been a positive journey with very specific work to be done for OEMs and UV lamp manufacturers such as:

  • UV lamp testing, evaluation and improvement recommendations (from a 3rd party point of view)
    • Based on the IUVA protocol or specific water testing (based on given temperature requirements)
    • UVC lamp comparison independent 3rd party testing and reports
  • Amalgam lamp designs, spot versus out of arc lamp designs, pros/cons/PPT
  • Scientific UVC lamp technologies in low pressure quartz, medium pressure, xenon, Excimer, UV LEDs
  • Streamlining UV lamp production and acquiring new production machinery
  • UV lamp supplier search and evaluation
  • Identify UV Ozone output and measurement evaluation
  • UV System Quartz sleeves evaluation based on a specific way of testing and evaluation
  • UV ballast testing and recommend design parameters
  • UVA/UVB weathering test equipment, UV lamp sources, UV sensors identification and integration
  • UV lamp – OEM system RFID or how to protect “electronically” the OEM lamp in the UV system
  • Food production line UVC-lamp disinfection integration
  • UV disinfection of Doctors instruments in hospitals following the compliance rules
  • UV disinfection integration of sanitaire facilities
  • Horticulture CMH technologies
  • Excimer technology and application work
  • New UV lamp technologies on the market….
  • HR recruiting activities – finding UV lamp engineers and UV system specialists (sales and engineering)


UVC LEDs work – NEW in our portfolio:

  • UV LED device testing and evaluation; output, wavelength, lifetime
    • Based on the IUVA protocol with air or water cooling
    • UVC lamp comparison independent 3rd party testing and reports
  • Market overview consultation; technical and commercial
  • UV LED supplier evaluation
  • UV LED sensor options
  • UV LED system evaluation
  • Application design evaluation


Contact for more information:

Karl Platzer
Consulting M&A Business Development LLC.
8887 Crown Colony Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL – 33908

phone: +1 239 738 0664

UV consulting expert team

Beside marketing and general business approach support, here you can download the UV Consulting Portfolio:
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