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Why not outsource to UV experts?”

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A high level of expert knowledge can be crucial when new products need to be designed, planned, pre-tested and validated. R&D, marketing and technical staff invests time, money and resources during new product development cycles so efficiency of these resources and added value is crucial
Many managers in the UV industry (i.e., R&D, engineering, operations, etc.) often wonder if they have the right internal expertise. They may ask such questions as… What is the current market demand in terms of UV systems? What state of the art technology should be offered to avoid obsolescence in the next 5+ years?

In many cases challenges with applications arise in the development phase. There may be temperature problems or issues with your germs kill rate. In addition, some of the designed systems may not be tailored to your specific customer needs usage in their unique application?
At the end, you may even realize that some of your clients expected a slightly different UV solution – with a different goal towards certain targets in their respective industry.

How can you minimize these challenges? How can you increase customer satisfaction when designing tailormade UV systems?


Many UV system, lamp or ballast manufacturing companies in our industry are faced with a frustrating development process where end user, OEM and supply source center discussions more about who is right or not, and on how to use the equipment in a most appropriate way and establishing the overall purpose of the newly designed UV system.
During a workshop with Oliver Lawal in Erlanger, Kentucky on August 23rd, we discussed a new OEM project, especially the meaning of traditional technology to be used with the chamber (see picture) versus new technology LEDs. But also, the UV lamps and ballast to be used for a successful field operation. The Group Skype video call feature helped a lot to have the other experts involved, Michael Santelli, Henry Koslowski and Fred van Lierop.

We learned one more time, that the team expert knowledge is highly important for a successful OEM project. Therefore the expertise knowledge is a key factor for a fast-quick turnaround from the drawing board to final UV system design.

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