Henry KozlowskiPartner,
Ballast Designer Specialist


    Henry holds Masters Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
    His experience in the UV field starts in 1994, but the most recent include working for LSI as a consultant in the field of ballasts and low pressure lamps ranging in power from 20 W to 1kW .

    The work included:

    1. Designing high frequency 1kW dimmable ballast for a new LSI 1kW amalgam lamp.
    2. Evaluation of range of ballasts from different manufacturers.
    3. Devising number of tests to determine the optimum driving mode for specific lamps.
    4. Forensic analysis of the damaged lamps resulting from incorrect driving methods.
    5. Prior to LSI working for Calgon Carbon Corporation (CCC) as a R&D Senior Design Engineer.

    The work included:

    1. Design of  high frequency dimmable 500W ballast for waste water disinfection system. (this system is marketed by  CCC as a C3 system).

    Prior to the above:

    1. Co-founded / co-owned of  Suntec Environmental inc. (in a capacity of  R&D Director) where I designed a unique submersible ballasts (based on his patent) for 250W and 500W low pressure lamps.
    2. Work for Fisher & Porter inc.(ABB) as a R&D Senior Design engineer. The waste water system are installed in many waste water treatment plants mainly in the USA and Canada.
    3. Consulting work for a number of UV companies.
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